Wilderness Trail K.I. one of Australia's Great Walks

Opened in 2017, this 5 day trek of 61 kilometres on Kangaroo Island's Western End is bringing travellers from all over the world to experience previously unreachable and remote parts of the coastline of the Southern Ocean.

Amazing wildlife, unique plants and vegetation and tourist spots like Remarkable Rocks and Kelly Hill Caves are all experienced along the trail route.

The number of walkers allowed on the trail at any one time is limited to preserve the unique wilderness. Along the route, accommodation is provided in 4 sheltered camp grounds.

The trail is open all year and can be done as a self-guided walker. It is advisable to visit during the cooler months from March to November.

Lonely Planet have rated this trail one of Australia's greatest walks! Well worth the effort.

Numerous people enjoying the trail find Sunrise on Falie a great place to stay for a couple of days after the big walk to relax and recouperate!

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