Star Seekers will love looking up while lounging on their Sunrise on Falie Deck !

One of the most frequent things our guests talk to us about is our amazing Kangaroo Island sky, as they sit on any of our 3 Apartments' Decks, looking up into the pitch black night sky.

American River on KI is protected from Australian mainland light pollution. You can get an eyefull of nature's twinkling stars in all their glory ... a light show set against the backdrop of one of South Australia's most famous natural wonders - Kangaroo Island.

The dark night sky is the perfect canvas for constellation exploration. Bring a telescope if you like - there's plenty of room to set it up on the deck, but even without, you can stare at the sky for hours and always see something new.

Play a game of spot the planet ... Download an APP on your phone that maps the constellations ... point your phone up and let it navigate you around the many celestial features!

Many of our guests from overseas rarely see any stars at all in their own countries, due to the levels of atmospheric pollution and ambient light around them. Kangaroo Island's night sky is second to none to look deep into our universe.

It's also common to be able to count many satellites going overhead (particularly soon after sunset) openly visible to the naked eye! Then there are the shooting stars (meteors) breaching the earth's atmosphere often unexpectedly flashing past at huge speed (don't forget to make your lucky wish when you see one!)

These events happen on a regular basis, day in, day out ... it's just that very few people on our planet ever get the chance to witness the spectacle.

Just one more of the many benefits of choosing to stay at Sunrise on Falie during your holiday getaway.

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