Seasons on Kangaroo Island

Australia has very diverse seasonal temperatures.

We hope that the guide below will help you ensure you bring the right clothing with you to be prepared.

FOOTWEAR -  come with at least one set of fully enclosed shoes, such as hiking boots or sneakers / joggers. Particularly if walking through bush, these shoes support your ankles better, plus protect you from risk of bites from ants, spiders or even snakes (yes - we have snakes). Don't worry too much by snakes, they're generally as scared of humans as we are of them, but if they feel trapped, they might strike out. Many people never see a snake while on K.I. - but they are around.

JEANS / LONG PANTS - can also be good when bush-walking. They protect your legs from bites, but also scratches from the foliage of bushes you walk past. Also great to reduce sunburn. And again, if a snake does happen to lash out, jeans are better for deflecting a bite.

Spring (September to November) and
Autumn (March to May)

Gorgeous times of the year on Kangaroo Island. Daytime temperatures average between 18˚C and 25˚C, usually with light winds and a warming sun. Great for walking bush trails and visiting KI's famous landmarks and beaches. Night time temperatures range between 5˚C and 12˚C.

Clothing : often you can walk around in T-Shirts quite comfortably during the day. But we suggest you should always have long sleeve shirts and jackets handy, because weather can change quickly at any time. Evenings can be cool.

Summer (December to February)

Most days are lovely for getting out  between 25˚C and 35˚C. However, Australia does have extreme temperature days that can go up to around 40˚C. Kangaroo Island does not have these extremes as often as Mainland South Australia, because it is surrounded by ocean, which helps to regulate temperature, keeping days quite pleasant. Night time temperatures range between 10˚C to 20˚C.

Summer is a great time to get out to the local beaches. Go for a swim. Try your hand at surfing.

BUT - no matter what you do - always carry PLENTY of water with you. Dehydration is a major risk for people visiting Australia. People from cooler countries often get caught out with how walking around the Aussie bush can quickly have you dehydrate, potentially causing severe health problems. Simple to fix : keep sipping water continuously. Even if you don't feel thirsty, get into a pattern of continuous mouthfuls of water to keep your body consistently hydrated. It's the Aussie Way!

Clothing : T-Shirts are great during summer. BUT we suggest you should always have light weight long sleeve shirts handy, because people with fair skin can easily sunburn under the Aussie intense sun. Always carry Sunscreen with you - preferably at least SPF 30+ sun rating. Apply often! Sunburn is a major risk in Australia, so keep yourself protected.

Even during summer, night time temperatures can drop and be quite cool. Keep a jacket easy to reach. 

Winter (June to August )

Although our coldest months, often days are dry and still great to get out and see the Island. Day time temperatures can range between 10˚C and 22˚C. You will definitely want to keep jackets with you at all times.

Clothing : Warm, fleecy clothing is important. Even on a mild winter day, when you visit some locations (such as Remarkable Rocks), the breeze off the Southern Ocean can be very cold. Be prepared to wear clothing in layers, such as a T-Shirt, covered by a Long Sleeve Shirt, covered by a warm jacket / jumper, and maybe a waterproof jacket over the top of that if it's a rainy day.

People are often surprised during winter how pleasant Kangaroo Island can be. Many days with virtually no wind, with a bright sun - even if the air temperature is a bit cool. Great for bush and trail walks.  

July is when the roos and wallabies are emerging from their mother's pouches and wild life is more active during the day.  

Night time can get quite cold, ranging from 2˚C and 8˚C. Perfect time to join some locals around a Bonfire with a hot drink!

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