Roads and Travel on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is quite easy to get around, with good quality bitumen roads connecting the major towns and attractions across the island.


Make sure your petrol tank is full before you arrive.  

Distances are greater than you think.

There are petrol stations at Penneshaw - 24 hours by outdoor payment terminal, Kingscote and Pandana.  Also Vivonne Bay and Western Caravan Park South Coast Road. 

(Currently there is no fuel available in American River).  

From Penneshaw (Sealink Ferry terminal) across to Kingscote (passing American River and the Kingscote Airport) you will be on sealed roads.

Plus the two major roads connecting Kingscote to the western end are all bitumen. Running off those roads Seal Bay Road (south side of island) and the Stokes Bay Road (north side of island) are both sealed also.

Most other roads are dirt roads.

These 'dirt' roads are generally quite accessible even for standard family vehicles, particularly to the more popular beaches and attractions.  

After heavy rains they can be closed or become very slippery so need extra care.


The speed limit across the island is mostly 100km/hr outside townships and well signposted.

We suggest that cruising along at 80km / hr is generally a good idea for people unfamiliar with the Island and especially unfamiliar with the erratic nature especially of the kangaroos and wallabies.

Particularly at dusk and sunrise

you will find many animals on the move,

from Kangaroos to Echidnas to Wombats

and a host of other gorgeous wildlife.

Travelling that little slower gives you much more chance of stopping in time if an animal comes out of the bush unexpectedly.

If you see a Kangaroo near the road brake rapidly but safely (in a straight line) as there usually are more about to cross the road. 

Most accidents happen by the driver not controlling the car.

Swerving is often a big mistake as you lose control, particularly on dirt roads.

We regularly drive these roads and by driving slower we have only hit a couple at very low speeds in the last 10 years, meaning they bounce away basically unharmed, and our car does not sustain damage.

The added advantage is being able to see more as you drive if that little slower.

Hitting a kangaroo will do much damage to a vehicle.

Some stand up to 5ft to 6ft tall and weight over 100kg. So hitting a kangaroo at that speed can completely destroy a car and risk serious injury to your passengers.   

We love our wildlife.

And we also love seeing our Sunrise on Falie guests return home safely, happy and relaxed at the end of the day.

Please do keep slow and enjoy our beautiful island.  

Much of the wild life is nocturnal so avoid roads after dark when possible.  

The Island is much bigger than most visitors expect so keep this in mind when planning your day.  


Mobile phone coverage is best with Telstra.  

Other service providers cover main towns.  

Parts of the Island do not have phone coverage.


Large areas of the island's coastline are dominated by tall limestone cliffs - stay well clear and use lookouts where provided.  

The recreational use of drones is generally not permitted in national parks.  

This is because it can severely disrupt resting and breeding animals.  

They can take away from the remote wilderness experience.

Obey all road, track and trail signs.

Fire Danger 

From November to April there are strict conditions for lighting fires.  

Visit and subscribe to bushfire warnings or contact Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.

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Safe Driving on Kangaroo Island

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