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Kangaroo Island Connect has purchased a 25 metre, Crowther designed, high speed, wave piercing catamaran, capable of delivering 95 passengers to Penneshaw from Cape Jervice in 30 minutes.  The vessel named James Cowell is based in American River and leave every morning operating between Cape Jervis and Penneshaw.  

Kic will establish its own integrated hire care service so travellers can more efficently step on or off its vessel to hire cares.

Ticket prices will be $25 per adult and $18 per child between Cape Jervis and Penneshaw.  Travel time will be 30 minutes.  The first sailing of the day will begin at American River where the ferry will remain overnight. 

There are 7 first class seats for $50.  

Hire cars are available at Cape Jervis, American River and Kingscote Airport.  A bus service between Cape Jervis and Seaford Railway Station will connect with the new electric train to the city.

Short term and long term parking will be available at $5 a day at Cape Jervis.  kic.com.au





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