KI Open for business.

We are open for business!  

And Flinders Chase National Park is open.

Flinders Chase National Park entry fees for self-drive visitors will recommence from 21 September 2020 and Parks are encouraging visitors to pay fees before they arrive.  WiFi is available at the park gate for last-minute park payments via smartphones.  For further info visit

Cape Borda light station precinct will re-open to self-guided day visitors on 26 September 2020 at a $5 charge per person.  

There is no doubt that it has been a tragic time on Australia's third largest Island with around 50% of our land mass being affected. 

 The majority of the Island is unaffected and is open for business.
 Visiting at this time is actually a critical component of our recovery process.
Our community is open for business and eager to share its treasures; touch nature at our iconic Seal Bay, Raptor Domain, and KI Wildlife Park. Swim with the dolphins or visit our wineries in Kingscote, Cygnet River and on the Dudley Peninsula who always have a glass at the ready. Our world famous Kangaroo Island Oysters are available for tasting at American River and can be finished off with the most wonderful honey ice cream from close by.  Experiences like the Eucalyptus Distillery, quad biking and fat biking are still available.
Our main townships: Penneshaw, American River, Kingscote, Parndana, Stokes Bay, Emu Bay on the North Coast through to Vivonne Bay on the South Coast remain unaffected. The same can be said for everything to the East.  The Kingscote precinct and the Dudley Peninsula has a lot to offer.
So don't be a stranger - come and discover our beautiful Island, sample our way of life and chat with our passionate community. We have wineries where the grapes are grown in the most pristine environment on earth, we have our own brewery, so you're guaranteed not to go thirsty, and last but not least there is Kangaroo Island Spirits who just won a major prize for one of their Gin's in London!!
So yes, we had a devastating fire but 9 months after it is recovering.   We still have over 250 kilometres of pristine coast and beaches for you to enjoy.
The current Kangaroo Island Visitor Guide in digital format has been updated to show you exactly what is open and where you can travel. 

For more information check and  


Kangaroo Island Review from a tourist who has just spent 9 days on KI.  Facebook post dated 7th January 2020

Kathy Oh ‪

Thinking of all the locals who are going through the difficult time. We travelled from west end of the island to the east end for last 9 days. We are sad to leave today.

For last 5 days, we stayed at Kingscote and visited Island Bee hives (the tour is interesting), Emu bay(walking along 6kms of the beach is magnificent), American river(walked along trail but missed out on oysters), Penneshaw(spotted dolphins, hiked along iron stone hill and walked around sculpture park), visited Emu ridge eucalyptus distillery which was awesome and food at the cafe was great, swam at the Pennington bay and met lovely Kylie and Rob at the Island Barister (coffee is great), went for fishing at the jetty in Kingston.

We appreciate all the friendly locals we met at the shops, walks and on the roads. We wish we could stay longer. Hope the recovery doesn't take too long and people who are directly affected by the fire gets good support for quick recovery. KI is a magical place and I would like to show my appreciation all the locals who look after the island and help tourists get to experience the beauty. We will be thinking of you xxxx‬


What's open and closed on Kangaroo Island  go to

Craig Wickham's facebook post 15th January 2020


Another cool, mild day ahead with sou-easterly winds. The hotspot map shows large areas of the burned zone with no discernable heat signature. More and more of the fire ground is being marked off as "safe" by the Country Fire Service and massive efforts have been put into securing the huge wilderness areas which remain.

We had English guests touring yesterday and I managed to catch up with them and thank them for having the conviction to come down. They were very appreciative and so glad they came. Kangaroo Island delivered its' usual wildlife, landscape, beautiful farmland, beaches, food and wine.

My mate David (who has taken leave to come from Sydney to help us out) and I went to Hanson Bay yesterday to provide some support for the team there who have been heavily impacted. They are all in good spirits and are developing plans for some great new experiences.

We came across wallabies, kangaroos, koalas, plenty of insect activity which echidnas have already been into, Cape Barren geese, glossy-black cockatoos and lots more pockets of unburned habitat than was obvious when I first came west.

The fire tolerant plants are regrowing already - our spectacular grass trees are a great example and the enormous seed drop has started - this provides food for insects, birds and of course is the start of the regeneration.

One of our awesome community members is preparing fine-grained mapping and these little refuges are shown as green on the following post:

We are tuning up our touring itineraries and have guests out daily from now on. Seal Bay reopens for business from Thursday 16 January 2020. There is a massive effort underway to start the recovery and rebuilding across the community and those at the east end of the Island who escaped the direct fire impact are ready for business.

We are open for business NOW and if you have enquiries for travellers planning for trips in coming months remember every day will bring more and more recovery. Please stick with us - we really need your support.

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After the 2020 Bushfires - this is what American River still looks like. Unaffected.

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