Seal Bay to Admirals Arch

Along the South Coast Road about 1 hour's drive from Sunrise on Failie, you come to Seal Bay. It is a bitumen road the whole way and easy to access for less mobile people.

The education / tourist centre at the top of the cliffs has great displays explaining the life habits of the inhabitant of this huge seal population.

From there, you have the choice to join a guided tour down on to the beach to get right amongst the seals as they frolic in the sand and waves or the Boardwalk self guided walk to the top of the sanddunes / cliffs above the beach offers great view and you'll usually find seals walking right past you as they climb up into protected dunes.

Fees are charged by National Parks & Wildlife service, which they use to conserve and maintain the area's wonderful facilities. They've done a great job.

A further 30 minutes down the road and you can top of your day with a visit to Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch to see a natural population of Fur Seals. < click here to read more >

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