Raptor Domain - Birds of Prey

Raptor Domain is an Environmental, Educational, Rehabilitation Centre, located at Seal Bay on a beautiful 150 acre property.

The Centre has many orphaned, injured and sick Birds of Prey come into their care each year.

Plus, some of their birds have been bred in captivity and are quite rare, like the White Goshawk, Black-breasted buzzard and the Sooty owl.

They offer a range of shows, demonstrations and presentations to make your visit inspiring and fun including Reptiles and Snakes.

Raptor Domain do not train animals to do circus tricks - instead they show you their natural behavior on command in a natural environment.

This is a private business that relies on entry fees to sustain their local rescue and rehabilitation programs. So not only will your visit give you an amazing experience with Australian native birds of prey, your entrance fee helps this family to:

• Care for orphaned, sick and injured birds of prey
• Return as many recovered birds to the wild as possible
• Educate and create awareness to conserve our wildlife and environment.

Getting there
will take about 50 minutes if you stay on the Bitumen Road from American River / Sunrise on Falie.

Raptor Domain is a private property, accessed from the SEAL BAY Road, on the South Coast of Kangaroo Island.

A full family of four can enter for around $55. Kids under 4 are free. Young children from $10. Adults around $18 each.

They are open 7 Days a week (excluding Christmas Day). If you stay for their ULTIMATE SHOW - you'll be treated to a tour of all their main attractions over about 3.5 hours.

Visiting Raptor Domain will be a trip you'll remember for years. Maybe make it part of a day trip on the way to Seal Bay?

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Raptor Domain