Mobility Challenged Itinerary

We recommend 3 days to see Kangaroo Island. It's bigger than you think.  

Some of the best animal sightings can be from the roadside and the comfort of your vehicle.  

It is advisable to to keep your speed down especially at dusk and dawn when the animals are most active, particularly in summer.  

Western End 

Heading down the South Coast road, a stop at Seal Bay.  There is a boardwalk for wheelchair access.  Best to take binoculars or a long lense camera for the best views.  There is a viewing spot on the beach road to Vivonne Bay.

Raptor Domain on Seal Bay Road is a wonderful experience and disabled friendly.  Get up close and personal.  Highly recommended.

Admiral's Arch has a boardwalk suitable for wheelchairs.

Most restaurants and cafes are mobility friendly.  Always check first.







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