4 day - 3 night itinerary

Please refer to our shorter itineraries for suggestions.  Feed back from our guests suggest having a full tour of a region one day followed by a more restful day the next perhaps enjoying one of the many walking trails around American River, a spot of fishing from the wharf or visiting the cliffs at Redbanks just before sunset.  The more you relax the more you will start to see and hear the local wildlife.

Also linger over lunch in the River at the Oyster Farm shop, the Deck Cafe,  visit the Lavender Farm outside Emu Bay or Emu Ridge Eucalyptus where you can find out how traditional Aussie bush products are made.

Night Walk

At the end of the day you can always do a self guided night walk from Sunrise on Falie down to the water.  All you need is a mobile phone to light your way or a hand torch.  

As most of the animals are active at night you could see tammar wallabies,  brush tail and pygmy possums and hear the Southern Booboo Owl or Pacific Barn Owl.  Walking along the beach (depending on the tides) listen out for stingrays, bird calls and if it is a full moon see the reflections on the water.  Other possibilities include echidnas and of course Kangaroo Island kangaroos.

The night sky on a clear night is a wonderland.  Look out for the Southern Cross constellation and with a tripod and time exposure you will have your own unique memory captured.

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