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Linger Longer

Short Holiday Breaks Guests often underestimate the time it takes to travel to and from the island, so we offer these suggestions:-

Arrive Early and Leave Late
Catch the earliest Ferry or Plane possible to maximise daylight hours for touring. Likewise, try to book the latest departure time. Although Ferries are slower than flying, Sealink do leave Cape Jervis very early (usually around sunrise), so you arrive on KI with a full day ahead of you. Whereas flights often land well into the morning with much of the day already over.

Flying however is an excellent option if you’ve a few days on the island, as the flight itself is both quick and very scenic.

Pre-Hire a Car or Tour
If not bringing your own vehicle, being able to arrive and step straight into your hire car or tour is invaluable, again to save time. An hour wasted sourcing a vehicle after arrival can mean one more magnificent scenic memory missed.

Stock-Up before Arriving
Have a full tank of fuel before arriving. Stopping to refuel on the island is more time wasted, and frankly fuel is more expensive on the island anyway. Plus, arrive with snacks; drinks and other supplies to reduce your need to find a supermarket. Arriving prepared in all ways adds up to maximising your time making lifetime memories.

SUNRISE ON FALIE is located centrally at American River, offering you an ideal location to reach so many wonderful KI experiences!