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3 Day Stay

 From Sunrise on Falie here are some suggestions for one, two or three days exploring Kangaroo Island

Day 1 - early ferry 9am preferred.  

We suggest you bring your car with a full tank of fuel or fill up at Penneshaw ferry point on arrival as a must do plus have your basic foods for breakfast, any meals you wish to make etc.  

The plan is to head straight to Flinders Chase National Park at the furthest western point of the Island, and well signposted, before you stop at all.  Then you can work your way back to us in the day. It's a relaxed drive say 2 hours but you pass through such fantastic scenery it is not a boring trip. Some of these places you see again on day 2 or 3 so you can note it for stopping then.  You should get there by noon.

Then we suggest to slowly work back from there once you have seen the big 2 – Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.  Then on the way to us you have the option to stop off say at Vivonne Bay or Hanson Bay plus a range of places and just a few small cafes.   That gives you max time to visit say one wildlife places.

If you love birdlife then Raptor Domain is excellent and they run it more to fund the care of the birds than make a lot of money.   If something closer to us interests you then you get the option of seeing that on day 2 when you go to the North Coast or day 3 when heading back to the ferry point. 

This then becomes the longest day for travel having driven to the ferry on the mainland and doing most of the driving on the Island for your trip.

Day 2 --- after a good nights sleep.

This is a lot more relaxed day than day 1.  

If you are an early riser you can get out early for walks around us to see wildlife, ocean sights, Pelicans, seals, cormorants.

Its then to 'do' what we call the North Coast Trip.   

You set off say 9am to visit the North Coast and in the afternoon get to tour the Kingscote area.  You can see Stokes Bay first then travel along the North Coast Road to Emu Bay, Kingscote township, Frogs and Roses(food), KI Spirits, Honey or Sheep farms, Western cove then swing back to us. There are many small places to explore and as you do a circuit of this area you can include them during the day.  

You are still doing some travelling but not as much as day 1 and it's also different countryside mostly from day 1.  The North Coast cliffs are stunning.  We suggest you top up fuel at Kingscote during this day and get some more food supplies for the night if needed. 

Maybe dinner at Kingscote and drive back afterwards or use your kitchen at our apartment or even choose 1 of 2 recommended restaurants within walking distance from us.

Day 3 The last day –

This cuts down the travelling further on the Island so is another relaxing day.

We do find our guests unwind as they stay with us so having the most driving day on day 1 then cutting it down for day 2 and further on day 3 just works.

Again - If you are an early riser you can get out early for walks around us to see wildlife, ocean sights, Pelicans, seals, cormorants.  You will see things you missed the previous day.  That is what happens as you slow down and look into the bush.  Australian wildlife is easily scared and not at all dangerous provided you leave them alone and never feed, hold, or try to pat them.

The option /Plan today is to see a bit more around us at Sunrise on Falie for a couple of hours, and at leisure follow the way back to the ferry point at Penneshaw with just one key point of new interest.  

You can enjoy seeing Pelican Lagoon, Pennington Bay, Browns Beach, as you head to Penneshaw but then take the well signposted turnoff to Cape Willoughby to visit the Dudley Peninsula.

The Dudley Peninsula has a single main road to the Cape Willoughby Lighthouse with stunning views and countryside alongside the Ocean drive.  There is Dudley Wines/food for a meal or taste of their wine, Antechamber Bay, Chapman River, Cape Willoughby Lighthouse and the Chapman River causeway.  Plenty of places for a picnic, even a swim if you are a good swimmer or fishing.

Then it's back to Penneshaw (40 minutes) for a look around this township where the ferry departs maybe for a meal or drink or snack and in Summer maybe a swim at an excellent beach next to the ferry before boarding onto ferry. The last ferry leaves at 7.30pm but 5.30pm ferry is an option to drive back to Adelaide or your return home a bit earlier.  

We suggest you fill at Penneshaw even though it's a bit more expensive than mainland prices as once you get onto the Australian mainland it's a 60km drive to the first open fuel outlet at Aldinga at that time of the evening.

Hope this helps

Kevin and Yvonne

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