1 night only suggested itinerary

Sunrise itinerary's 

1 night stay on Island



1.Transport – you will need a vehicle.

Early arrival day 1 – say 9am ferry from Mainland.   

Late departure day 2. – say 7.30pm from Island.

This effectively gives you 2 daylight days on KI.  Its best to book these ferry times as they book out faster than other times.

P.S. There are flights as well but they are not as frequent as the ferries which will limit your time on KI and therefore your ability to reach desired places on the Island. If you have more time on the Island say 3 or 4 days then flights are a viable option.

Tips: Make sure you have vehicle full of fuel and some snacks from Supermarket before you leave the mainland.  Time wasted looking for fuel or even worrying if you will run out of fuel will limit your travels on KI. 


Day 1 on Island- 

Our usual suggestion is to go straight to the western end and visit The Flinders Chase National Park (Admirals Arch, Remarkable Rocks).   These are still about 2 hours drive from the ferry but you go through some really interesting countryside so it is worth doing first then meandering back to us later in the day toward the evening.  

You want to maximise your daylight time as the day will pass quickly.  This lets you get a feel for the diversity of the Island when you are still fresh for the day.   You will be travelling the South Coast and western end regions.  There is our Seal Bay, Hanson Bay, Vivonne Bay,  and places to stop and find fuel (Vivonne Bay) and food.  

IThere is even a wildlife park and a birdlife (Raptor Domain) business to decide from.  It's a long day and you can't do it all in a day, but you should not be bored.


If you plan to eat out end of day 1 we have 2 quality restaurants within walking distance from us (Mercure, and Wanderer's Rest) but you will need to book.  Phone numbers are on our website as well as google.  

 An evening walk near us to see the wallabies and if it is a clear night the stunning sky – The 'Milky Way' star viewing is far better in the countryside when there is no background lighting to spoil the view.  Travellers from the Northern Hemisphere will not be used to this night sky. 

Then it's time to get comfy in your 'home away from home' accommodation with us!


Day 2:  

Up early to see the sunrise and you will hear the birds. Cockatoos, Parrots, Glossy Blacks, Magpies, Currowongs, Cookaburra's, Blue Wren's, even the odd Echidna,  Goanna and Koala when they travel through looking for a meal.  We do occasionally get Kangaroos, Wallabies and even Possums on the driveway and decks so you might hear them at night.

We are near bushland/ park and have kept as many trees as we can on the property to encourage their nesting and feeding.   

There is a walk 'Cannery walk' that starts 300m from us and travels along the coastline of Eastern Cove for keen morning walkers.   You will see Pelicans, Black swans, and many small birds and even our local wild geese. Take the camera or even your mobile phone. 


Check out American River wharf area and the Pelican Lagoon Conservation Zone on your way out of the township. 

Then it's out for the day to get just a glimpse of the North Coast region – Stokes Bay – with its hidden entrance through the rocks.   Then it's the North Coast Road (unpaved) to Emu Bay, Kingscote and maybe the Honey Farm, Eucalyptus Distillery OR you head over to the wildlife Park near Parndana in the centre of the Island,   Allow 4 hours at least and the option of a light lunch at the Rockpool café in Stokes Bay

Then the afternoon its heading toward the ferry point (Penneshaw) and if you still have enough time you can take a 2 hour travel along the Cape Willoughby Road that goes through the 'Dudley Peninsula'.   Here there is a winery (Dudley Wines) with  stunning views across the sea passage to the mainland.  They also have quality food (Pizzas and local entrée foods.

Then it's back to the ferry point and your heading to the mainland.

You will do a reasonable amount of driving but will be travelling through very interesting countryside and have lots to be tempted to stop and explore more. With a short stay you don't get much time to wander though.  

Ring Kevin or Yvonne or email us if you have some questions about timing.








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