Carparking and Ramp Access

When arriving at Sunrise on Falie Court, you access our two new disability friendly Penthouse 3 and Deluxe 2 apartments by driving up the cement driveway to the top of the property, drive behind the apartments and park in the circular, level surface carpark. There's room for at least 3 cars, including room for turning to ensure you drive back down the driveway facing forwards.

Paths and ramps enable access to both apartments with wheelchairs.   Corners are wide to ensue plenty of space for wheelchairs to turn.  


Wide sliding doors with no steps make access to both apartments easy, including for guests in wheelchairs.

PENTHOUSE upper level apartment

Accessible from carpark is via a short 6m gentle slope ramp leading up to a wide outdoor deck and view area. The ramp is 1.2m wide with safety grab rails.

DELUXE lower level apartment

Accessible via a gentle slope ramp leading directly from the carpark across native bushland, onto the outdoor entrance deck.The ramp is 1.2m wide, approximately 30 metres long with safety grab rails and level zones spaced along the way incase our disabled guests need to stop part way along.


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