Sunrise on Falie's two mobility friendly apartments, upper level Penthouse and lower Deluxe, both have wide outdoor decks with great views over Kangaroo Island's pristine Aussie Native bushland, across to American River 100 year old conservation zone.  From the property guests are entertained by the native birds and animals.

Highly accessible also for people in wheelchairs or using walking frames, the decks are designed to give plenty of space to move around, set up a table and chairs and relax as you watch the sunrise or sun set!

Kangaroo Island has a very temperate and stable climate, so often perfect for sitting outside in the fresh air and sun. Listen to the myriad of birds. Watch kangaroos, echidnas and other native animals in their natural environment.

Raised lips and strong ballastrades ensure that decks are safe for children or people in wheelchairs.

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