Bathrooms - designed to also support guests with a disability

Penthouse apartment (upper level) has two bathrooms to ensure a full family of five are easily accommodated.

Penthouse 3 has a Main Bathroom custom designed for full access by people with a disability and/or in a wheelchair, plus a Second Bathroom perfect for extra convenience for a crowd and/or for a carer to have a private bathing area.

They're bright and light - including heat lights for a cool morning - and exhaust fans to clear the steam.

Main Bathrooms - perfect also for people in wheelchairs

Attention has been paid to ensure they offer an airy open plan with easy access by anyone - with or without a Disability.

  • Door - a Wide 920mm
  • Flat Floor - no steps
  • Open Shower - pull around Shower privacy / splash curtain
  • Toilet - easy access from the front or side transfer
  • Vanity - designed to wheel right in with knees underneath
  • Vanity - Jarrah top with plenty of room to layout your items
  • Grab / Hand Rails - around shower / toilet and beyond
  • Height Adjustable Shower - stand to shower or lower the shower head to chair height
  • Taps - accessible height for people in wheelchairs
  • Taps - lever mixer taps for people with poor hand dexterity / arthritis etc

Second Bathroom

Perfect for Carers accompanying people with a disability AND the rest of the family.

This bathroom alongside the front bedroom offers a bath for families needing to bathe children.

It has the convenience of a 2nd toilet to ensure for a full family of five, there's less waiting.

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