Super Hosts Super Clean


Since COVID Sunrise on Falie introduced new cleaning methods, hygiene procedures and protocols as per recommended guidelines for our guests and cleaners safety.  In 2023 our cleaners take the time and go way beyond recommended cleaning guidelines for our guests' piece of mind.

When you arrive, we will have your private apartment clean, disinfected and fresh ready for you to move in.

We take much pride in ensuring that all rooms are sanitised, clean, neat and tidy, with fresh sun dried bed linen in all rooms, fresh towels awaiting you in the bathroom, plus the kitchen and all utensils completely clean.

We appreciate you leaving the premises having performed a basic level of cleaning.   We and our neighbours Jill, Kate and Kath take it in turns to clean and sanitise your apartment and this helps the local community. Thank you for your support.

Linen and towels are provided but if you prefer to bring your own that's fine, just advise us beforehand.

For guests staying with a pet we ask you to take extra attention in leaving the apartment in the clean condition in which you found it.

In the unlikely event that additional cleaning is required, an additional surcharge may be incurred.

A washing machine and dryer on the upper level is available for guests upon request.  Just ask.

Apartments are well aired with natural sunlight before your arrival.

To allow adequate cleaning time and airing of the apartment please arrive after 2pm.  




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