So Many Places to Visit on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of South Australia's most popular locations noted for it's beatiful fresh air, food, produce and lifestyle.

No matter your taste, for food or adventure, Kangaroo Island offers an experience to suit everyone's desire.

This section of our website offers ideas for local trips to places often with a 30 minute drive of Sunrise on Falie at American River.

Dining Out

Surrounding American River are a host of options to dine out and mix with the locals if you choose not to cook at home at Sunrise on Falie. Enjoy the flavours and experiences!

For dinner.  The Shed.  Wanderers Rest.  Mercure Lodge.  KI True Thai.

Lunch.  Oyster Farm Shop. Deck Cafe.  

A little further out.

Frogs & Roses Cafe.  Island Beehive.  Clifford's Honey Farm.

Check for opening times.