So Many Places to Visit on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of South Australia's most popular locations noted for it's beatiful fresh air, food, produce and lifestyle.

No matter your taste, for food or adventure, Kangaroo Island offers an experience to suit everyone's desire.

This section of our website offers ideas for local trips to places often with a 30 minute drive of Sunrise on Falie at American River.

Fun and Adventure

Swim with wild dolphins.

Raptor Domain

Emu Bay Lavender Farm  08 8553 5338

Emu Ridge Farm Eucalyptus oil distillery

Clifford's Honey Farm  08 8553 8295

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park & Aquarium  

Hold a Koala, snake, wombat.  Kangaroo and wallaby feeding. 08 8559 6050